MeVe: a new and unique name for two buildings that, coming from contrasting architectural conceptions, find themselves complementary. The majesty of Palazzo Mellerio blends with the functional gravity of the property overlooking Piazza Velasca and their ensemble reaches a whole new strength. The regeneration project that bring them together enhances and harmonize the elements of different eras: elegance and flexibility, prestige and efficiency become the founding features of MeVe. A perfect balance, that comes from the exclusive union of two buildings.

The asset is located in the hearth of Milan historical city center, in Piazza Velasca, substantially close to Missori M3 underground station. In addition, the asset is at walking distance from Milan’s primary touristic attractions and most important retail high streets. The surrounding area is also characterized by the presence of prestigious residential and office spaces.
The asset is developed over 7 floors above ground with office destination. It is characterized by a rectangular plant with a total surface of 5,877 sqm (GLA 4,980sqm). As of today, the asset is fully leased to Allianz Group, except from a little portion (ca. 1% of GLA) let to Iniziativa Prima Srl and used as storage.

The building is located in the historic center of Milan, in Corso di Porta Romana, adjacent to the building of Piazza Velasca 5/7, just a few meters from the “Missori” M3 subway stop.
It’s located a few minutes walk from the most prominent tourist attractions such as Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, as well as from the most important shopping streets of the city.
The building consists of four floors above-ground with office destination of use, in addition to two floors below-ground used for archives and equipment rooms, and eight parking lots in the inner courtyard.
The total surface amounts to 4.200 sqm, leading to a GLA of 2.500 sqm. The building is completely vacant today, and it will be subject to future upgrading.

All Star
Corso di Porta Romana, 13
Piazza Velasca, 7/9
7.480 mq
Real estate type