Closed-end real estate investment funds reserved for professional investors, fully subscribed by Pierval Santé, an FIA under French law managed by Euryale Asset Management and active in France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, UK and Italy. The two funds have a Core risk/return profile and their management strategy, with an approach that promotes ESG principles, is functional for pursuing an investment policy with a long-term objective.
The fund are focused on real estate assets for Healthcare operations located in Italy, to be newly built, already built or to be restored, reconverted, restructured, refurbished, completed and/or enhanced in view of their long-term lease strategy.

Properties belonging to the Euryale Healthcare Italia fund 1:

Via G. Matteotti, 16 – Cornaredo

Via Umberto, 29 – Bra

Via Romera, 14 – Spinetta Marengo

Via Romagnoli, 4 – Asso

Via B. da Quinzano n.1/B – Quinzano d’Oglio

Via Milano, 51 – Vittuone

Via Einaudi, 4 – Torrazza Piemonte

Via De Gasperi, 2 – Rodano

and 3 assets actually under construction.

Euryale Healthcare Italy 2
Euryale Healthcare Italia 2 has in its pipeline the investment in a real estate portfolio including eight properties under construction mainly for healthcare use. The transactions take the form of forward purchases and the fund will acquire full ownership only upon completion of the works, set by 12/31/2024.