Kryalos’ approach to sustainability

Kryalos’ approach to sustainability, in its broadest and most comprehensive sense as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sustainability, aims to promote a culture of sustainability and to create shared value for all its stakeholders.

For Kryalos sustainability is a continuous evolution path. Through our funds we create more efficient buildings, better integrated in the context in which they are located, working also, where possible, on common spaces accessible to the community in order to create shared value.

Paolo Bottelli

Founder & CEO
Kryalos Sgr

Paolo Bottelli

Kryalos & ESG roadmap


Kryalos was born under the company name Henderson Global Investors SGR S.p.A.


Kryalos Investments S.r.l. communicates to the Bank of Italy the intention to acquire the entire share capital of Henderson Global Investors SGR S.p.A.


Definition of MOG 231


• Publication of SFDR disclosure

• Definition of ESG approach in the
triennial plan 2022-2024


• Appointment of the ESG committee and the Head of ESG

• Approval of ESG policies

• Drafting of the Sustainability Report


• Drafting of the first Sustainability Balance Sheet

• Drafting of the Sustainability Plan

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Our goals for the 2030 Agenda

Kryalos has identified 11 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), to which it intends to contribute with its own sustainability strategy. The 11 goals will be pursued with an integrated approach, although each of them will have specific objectives to be achieved in the coming years.

ESG Highlights

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Our most sustainable assets

Adapting our real estate portfolio to the highest sustainability standards is one of the main objectives of Kryalos.

Kryalos makes investments also in assets with environmental, social and governance (ESG) profiles and which have areas for improvement. In its building redevelopment activity, according to the characteristics of the asset, our SGR aims to improve energy performance in order to obtain a reduction in building emissions. This also, and above all, through obtaining high international standard certifications such as LEED and BREEAM.