Kryalos SGR S.p.A. (“Kryalos”) is committed to operating ethically and responsibly and asks the people with whom it comes into contact – employees, collaborators, suppliers, supervisory bodies, directors, etc. – to operate accordingly and in compliance with the law.

The whistleblowing system is the tool by which the identity of the whistleblower, the whistleblower and the persons involved in the report and the content of reports alleging non-compliance with laws, regulations, policies, rules and company procedures are guaranteed to be kept confidential, facilitating their implementation, so that deviant behavior is intercepted in time in order to remedy and correct it.

What to report

Kryalos strongly encourages reporting:

  • facts, even potential and/or probable, that may constitute crimes, offenses, irregularities;
  • actions likely to cause financial damage or/and image damage to the Company;
  • actions likely to cause damage to the health and/or safety of employees and/or the Company’s environment;
  • actions in violation of the Code of Ethics and/or other Company provisions and/or procedures that can be sanctioned by disciplinary action.

Minding this purpose, Kryalos has implemented specific rules and a whistleblowing process to provide potential whistleblowers with secure channels that ensure the confidentiality of their identity as well as the information contained in the report and preserves them from retaliation.

How to report

Kryalos has provided an external digital platform, managed by a specialized third party, in order to ensure the effectiveness and confidentiality of the whistleblowing process and provide broad and indiscriminate access to all those who wish to make a report. The platform is accessible from both and the corporate intranet.

Make a report